Kinsta is one of the fastest growing managed WordPress hosts on the market. They typically deal with enterprise, high-traffic, and demanding sites which require superior performance. Some of their clients include companies such as GE, Intuit, AdEspresso, Workforce, and Mint. They believe that constant availability, scalability, & outstanding user experience should be of number one importance when choosing a hosting provider.
They were the first managed WordPress host to be exclusively powered by Google Cloud and LXD orchestrated Linux containers, which allow for complete isolation of each site and autoscaling for sudden traffic surges. Other features include HTTP/2, PHP 7, MariaDB, HHVM, WP-CLI, SSH, Git, one-click staging, premium DNS via Amazon Route 53, and free migrations.
Their support team is made up of WordPress developers who contribute to core and other open source projects, which allow them to provide top-notch 24×7 support. Kinsta has been awarded Top Tier Performance 3 years in a row by ReviewSignal, and named the most reliable host by CodeinWP.